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Maine Horseshoe Pitchers Association 



      Revised: By a majority vote of the Executive Members

      December 1982
      February 2004
      January 2008
      September 2012
      October 2015 approved by D. Sanders NHPA V.P.


We the horseshoe pitchers of the Maine Horseshoe Pitchers Association (MHPA), in order to promote, foster and develop the sport of horseshoe pitching, both as a competitive sport and a recreational pastime, provide the proper facilities and insure the continued growth and existence of the sport do hereby establish revised By-Laws for the MHPA.


This constitution may be amended by a two thirds affirmative vote of all voting members present at a regular meeting or special announcement relative to the proposed amendment.


The name of this organization shall be the Maine Horseshoe Pitchers Association (MHPA)


Any reputable person may become a member of the association upon payment of the annual dues, which include liability insurance. A National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA) membership card is combined state and national card and is to be issued through the charter secretary.

ARTICLE IVAdministration

Section 1 Officers

The officers of this Association are to be elected at the bi- annual meeting by a show of hands. (Changed from annual to bi-annual in 2017 to keep inline with NHPA) If two or more people are nominated secret ballots will be used. The officer for election shall be President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Hall of Fame and an Executive Committee of five. The chairperson of this committee shall be the Association President. The method of electing officers shall be by nominations from Association members at the annual meeting and the election by secret ballot.

Section 2 Duties of Officers

The President

 Shall preside at all meetings, to administer the business of this association, to pass on any obligations the Association may wish to incur, handle whatever other duties may come to his attention in promoting the best interests of the association, and to act on any emergency situation which may arise. He will also appoint such committees as he deems necessary. These committees may be dissolved and individual members replaced whenever the president deems it necessary.

The Vice-President

Shall perform the duties of the President and/or Secretary/Treasurer in the event of the absence or disability of either officer.

The Secretary/Treasurer shall as Secretary

 Keep accurate records of the minutes of meetings; act as custodian of all properties of the association.

Attend to correspondence and duties which may come to his/her attention as necessary to promote the best interest of the association.

Offer assistance in obtaining information regarding accommodations or directions for out of town players.

Send a copy of tournament results to any pitcher who requests one.

Send all tournament results to New England Stat and to NHPA.

The Secretary/Treasurer shall as Treasurer

Handle all association funds and keep accurate financial records of the association including membership dues and records.

Pay all expenses incurred by the association.

Submit at the Annual Meeting a report of the business transacted during the previous year and the financial standing of the Association which shall be available to any member any time it is requested.

ARTICLE V Executive Board

            Section 1 Meetings

The MHPA will hold two regular meetings a year. One meeting should be held prior to the first tournament of the season. The second meeting will be at the State Tournament for the election of officers. Other necessary meetings may be called by any of the officers or committee chairpersons. At least half of the members must be present to constitute a quorum. If a tie should occur during executive voting, the officers shall re-discuss the issue and re vote. If there is still a tie, the President of the Association shall have the authority to decide the outcome. The secretary shall notify all members in good standing of the time and location of all meetings.

The President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Hall of Fame Members with the regular committee of five shall constitute an Executive Committee of eleven and are the governing body of the Association in addition to the duties already specified, they shall be empowered to transact whatever business is in the interest of the game and the Association.

Section 2 Authority

No one person of this Executive Committee of eleven members shall act for the Committee or transact any important business of the Association unless authority is given to that member in these By-Laws or Rules or has been delegated to that member by a majority of the board members.

ARTICLE VITournaments

Any MHPA member who wishes to participate in the Maine State Tournament must have played in at least two tournament since the last State Tournament to be eligible to play.

            General Responsibilities of the Tournament Director

The Tournament Director shall use his/her discretion in running tournaments to decide the shoe number; points to play; tournament cancellation or postponement; tournament dates; rain dates; starting time; scheduling of classes; refunds to entrants; provided the By-Laws and official paying rules of the NHPA  are not violated.

Tournament Directors must print a copy of the High Three report from the NHPA site between Wednesday and Saturday the week prior (7 - 10 days) to the tournament date to be posted the day of the tournament to clarify/verify any questions regarding player averages for each state for which they have players entered.

Tournament Directors must attempt to verify and correct any discrepancies brought to his/her attention before the start of the tournament. (As well as anything that is brought to their attention during a tournament.)

Tournament results from each tournament must be sent to the State Statistician as soon as possible following the tournament for reporting, if there is no state statistician the results should be sent to the state Secretary of MHPA. The secretary will proof read for any errors and submit to the New England statistician who will submit to the web site and NHPA.

Section 1 Classes    

Classes will be at the Tournament Director’s discretion using the NHPA Natstat Statistics and any supplemental sources that available.

When possible Class A will be the top eight averages.

Senior entries – State Tournaments will have a senior class division. If only one senior member, that player will play within the entry average range of percentage.

Section 2 Ringer

A ringer is a shoe, which comes to rest encircling the stake. A straightedge touching both points and any art of the heel calks of the shoe must clear (not touch) the stake in order for a shoe to be declared a ringer. A ringer has a value of three points.

Section 3 Order of Standing

Championships and final order of standings of players in tournaments are determined by the number of games won and lost unless a tie. See section below regarding ties.

Section 4 Ties

All ties in a championship class (1st Place) shall be decided by playoff games, all other ties shall be determined by percentage.

In the case of a tie among three players the first game shall be between the two having the lowest averages in regular play, the second game, between the winner of the first playoff and the player having the highest average in the three way tie.

In case of a tie among four payers the person with the highest and the person with the lowest percentage will play. The remaining two player with the second and third highest percentages will play. The winners of these two games will play each other for first and second, and the losers will play for third and fourth place.

Section 5 Protested Games

Any game in which the outcome is protested by a player may or may not be played over at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Section 6 Shirts

Al entrants must wear shirts with sleeves and the entries name and state on the back. All entries must wear closed toed shoes.

Section 7 Trophies and/or prizes

State Tournament trophies shall be awarded, all other tournaments, the Tournament Director shall decide the type and number of trophies and prizes to be awarded.

ARTICLE VII Hall of Fame

Any member of the MHPA may make a nomination for the Hall of Fame by filling out the nomination form and submitting to a member of the Hall of Fame Committee.


Maine Horseshoe Pitching