Entry from Ron Knowles

Entry from Judy Sherman

Logo entry from Chuck Feyler

Patch from  earlier years from Carl & Jane York


Maine Horseshoe Pitching

The State of Maine Horseshoe Association does not have a State patch/Logo.

I would like anyone interested to design  a Logo 

Put on hold so more entries may be submitted

​Please send a picture of your design to

I will make copies for all to view on the website as well as at the meeting.

Be sure to include your information as the entrant.

Maine World Tournament Results

with Ringer Percentage:

Sonny Allen 3rd Place 10W 5L 48.33%
David Bither 14 Place 3.5W 11.5L 21.50%
Joshua Bither 12 Place 3.5W 9.5L 7.69%
Lincoln Bither 6 Place 9W 6L 19.83%
David Brown 6 Place 9.5W 5.5L 20.67%
Gary Currier 7 Place 8W 7L 58.00%
Larry Davis 10 Place 7W 8L 37.83%
Vicki Hannan 13 Place 6W 9L 29.83%
Ron Knowles 6 Place 8W 7L 58.17%
Mike Knox 13 Place 5W 10L 22.50%
Richard LaPointe 8 Place 9W 6L 42.33%
Brian Luce 1st Place 13W 2L 41.17%
Paul Nelson 13 Place 6.5W 8.5L 53.33%
Mike Tesseo 10 Place 7W 8L 29.00%
Jessica Tesseo 5 Place 10.5W 4.5 L 36.00%
Maynard Warman 3 Place 11W 4L 62.67%
Stephen Widger 5 Place 5.5W 5.5L 4.77%
Mike Williams 10 Place 8W 7L 34.50%

Gary Currier Senior Championship 6 Place 5W 6L 56.23%

Trophies Earned:
Brian Luce 1st Place Mens Class E2 Division
Sonny Allen 3rd Place Elders Class C2 Division
Maynard Warman 3rd Place Elders Class B2 Division

​Logo Entry from Darlene Gammon